Job 02

Field Guide to North American Wildflowers

For Job 02 I looked at a National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers. I noticed four master pages; introduction pages, photo pages, body text and the index.   The book also contains a glossary but it appears the body text master was used and over-ridden for the purpose. The book is small, 4″ x 7.5″. The first half contains full color, glossy pages with two or three photos of flowers vertically stacked on each page (two masters). These pages are not numbered but below each photo is a one line text frame identifying the flower by a unique number and it’s name.   The frame also includes a page number that references a body text page containing more information (it will be interesting to learn the trick to this, keeping a photo and it’s page reference accurate while laying out a book..same with a table of contents and index I guess). The text frames contain black fill and white text (I made a note to myself to remember this nice effect for a full color page). The text and graphic frames all are set beyond the bleed (correct way to say this?) which maximizes the space for photo detail (no white space on the pages). The picture included here is of a body text page, I really like the layout.   Thanks, Ginny (p.s. I’m sorry about all the white space on my post, I had trouble getting the text to wrap around the photo…any tips? Updated by cutting the line of code referencing the photo from below the body text to above it)