Job 4 Edit assignment results

Take a chance to review the comments on the Job 4 edit assignment from your classmates at

When I’m reviewing your documents this is my normal process:

  • Make sure I’m in Normal view
  • Show Hidden Characters – select from the Type menu
    This shows me if there are extra paragraph returns, multiple spaces, or extra tabs in your text frames. You’ll learn more about text in the new few lessons.
  • View menu – show guides
    I want to see where your margins are or where your text or graphic frames are located
  • Ruler Guides
    I use the horizontal and vertical ruler guides to see where things are lined up.
  • Links
    I look at your links to see what elements have been placed or embedded in the document. (not relevant for this job)
  • Paragraph Style and or Character Style
    I look at both of these to make sure there isn’t a little plus sign behind any of the styles. When I see this plus sign that means that there were alternations to the text itself that are not defined in the actual style.

Here is an image showing errors, many of which you picked up on. When I originally counted them up I must have counted each of the right side text frame margins as separate errors.


And here is a video that explains the errors and how to fix them.

Final Post


It has been a good semester and I have learned a lot about this program.  With this knowledge I have been able to improve my business and take on a lot more flyer, business card, banner, etc design jobs.  My favorite part of this design is a tie between the picture of my daughter and using the invisible circle to make the text wrap around my tree.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Job 12 inspiration



Oh Im soooooooooo happy to almost be done graduation is this weekend and I can’t wait to get out on the real world and put the knowledge I have learned to the test!


image image


I really enjoyed making this brochure. It was so fun making something that could really be used. I enjoyed finding the images and matching the colors of the brochure to them. Paragraph styles helped me emensly! Turning all the bottom pictures upside down so they would allign right was a little tricky but I figured it out eventually.

Final Project

J Gonzalez CIOS F233 30639027 final project

Jessica Gonzalez CIOS F233 30639027 final project-2

I created a newsletter for a fictitious store. It was difficult to come up with content and a theme, but I am proud of my overall design and the way the images are place within the text near corresponding headlines. I’m glad that I got to use a lot of elements that I prepared for my midterm assignment but didn’t work out for that design.



I am really proud of the entire project. This class was not easy for me at all so when I look at this final I am so proud of how far I have come. I worked really hard on it. I really enjoyed learning everything and there was a lot and I know I have so much to perfect in InDesign:) But I really enjoyed everything I learned in this class.