Lesson 12

First off, sorry everyone for not submitting my draft on Wednesday.   Had an issue come up and it caused me to be late.   I too enjoyed this assignment and can use it for a work events form I have to create.   HOWEVER, my version of adobe at home only showed a few radial buttons when I went to open in pdf.   Totally bummed!

Here is how it looks as a jpeg.   I created a drop down box under residence description which does not show here.


Job 12

I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Here’s hoping everyone left in the class finds the energy to stick it out!

Here is my first go at this job. I am not particularly pleased with the outcome though. It does not blend right. Then again, I think I may have misunderstood the instructions–it said leave the opacity at 100% but wanted the color blended? Oh well, I will muddle my way through. 🙂



Job 12 Transparency – Haley Holland

I had trouble with this assignment, and I told Heidi when I submitted the draft. The blending modes I was using on the different objects weren’t doing anything to the objects. I managed to get three different images but they don’t look anything like the images supplied for examples on the assignment page (the green ones). Still don’t know what I’m doing wrong!