Final for #11

In spirit of the arctic man weekend I thought I would combine various pictures I have of my family winter outings.   The background is a picture I took of the HooDoo mountains and my son is featured in the center on a trip we did down in Cantwell powder playing.   The green sled is of a graphic he downloaded years ago when he made a “wish list”.

I was kinda getting peeved – the title of my cover would not show the text in yellow.   If I hid the background it would show yellow but as soon as I made the background visible again it would go light blue – Took me damn near an hour to figure out what was going on.   While playing around with the overlay and opacity features – I forgot to return the font back to NORMAL and 100%.


job 11 blog discussion

blogAs someone who regularly uses blending modes in photoshop, I really thought this should be easy. But it actually was not as easy as I thought. It turns out  that the first two colors I tried to use didn’t work so well with the blending modes. First I tried magenta, nothing was happening, then I tried yellow, also nothing happened.


Job 11 Draft

I too was wondering how to create the star burst and as I posted on a comment – use UAF’s library web page and go to lynda

You learn a lot from the videos.   The text book assignments help but they have preformed graphics and I get frustrated wanting to know HOW to make the graphic 🙂

Along with printing – be aware of changes saving to pdf.   My circle on my second image did not show like it did in the ID view.

Williams_ID_11 Draft

Lena – Job 11 Effects

This is a pretty neat trick to create very different combinations with one color. However, I don’t know if I’d be able to recreate any of these very easily, i.e. I’m not sure which blending mode I did to which shape in which order! 🙂

If I had to pick one, I think I like the last one best.


Job 11

I found this assignment frustrating. While not ‘difficult,’ it is certainly challenging to get all the components to work right and when they do not, re-doing the steps does not always help. One thing I find frustrating with the text is the lack of troubleshooting skills that could be taught.

I could not get the TOC or index to work right however, I DID get the chapter formatting to behave like I wanted to so I am pleased with that. The page numbers given in the assignment was very helpful.

I can say with fair certainty that while this is a great program that has powerful tools, I do not see myself really using it after this class is over. It’s a shame too, since the program cost $350 (yay student discounts!). Perhaps if I had had some exposure to the program prior to this class or had a need for using it, I would feel differently. I am not a graphic designer, nor do I expect I will be in any serious capacity. That being said, I am grateful for the exposure to the program and who knows? Maybe it will help me in the future!