Job 10- Tables

I am rather pleased with how this turned out. I have a healthy amount of experience with creating tables in other programs and the confidence really helped me in getting this project done.

I am aware this is not complete however, this assignment was about tables and graphics in them–not a fully fledged flyer so I am ok with it having an incomplete look (at least, that is what I keep telling myself haha!). I am eager to see what others came up with!

~~I almost forgot the other part of the assignment! The table I chose can be found here. I did not really care for this ‘table.’ To me it is more of a graph than a table–when I think table I think of rows and columns. This ‘table’ was, while informative, very boring. It is extremely basic and while that is good for relaying information, it is not very inviting or engaging with its plain style.