Draft Job 10

Here is my table for Job 10 describing prices to build a website. As for the table that I most like is called “Invoice Machine.”  I like this style because it is a quick way of seeing what each level gives you compared to the other levels of service.  A lot of software suites that I use compare their different versions in one quick readout.


Job 10 Blog


I like the Wuffo table. I like the use of colors. They help to isolate the information. I like the way the text is formatted at the bottom, and how comparable information is in line with each package deal.

job 10

Has anyone find what styles of tables they like in the homework link?   I’m not finding any styles so kinda confused.

K Wichert – Job10

Tables are fun to work with. Here is my table from page 2, its not very exciting but I am looking forward to finishing this in the final draft. I made this a jpeg with different methods than exporting from InDesign because when I did that, it showed the whole page of empty space on the blog. When I added the other info about the sample it was shown after the empty blog space. It really looked weird.


I looked at table samples and chose this one: https://zeoinc.com/zeosand2.html

The first thing I like about is that it really doesn’t look like a table. The background is a pool of   blue water. Using a photograph for this makes it very different from the standard table. I also like that the rows consist of a title in white text with a Bullet list of items under it in the next row with small black text. This is repeated four times. The name of this table is ZeoSand Superior Sand Replacement.

Haley Holland Job 10

This is my assignment 10: I have worked with tables in Excel for a few years now so I have some experience. Given the time I can make some pretty awesome tables, but this one was a simple assignment. I think I did well, chose an appropriate graphic and created a table that I would use on a regular basis. I use a different exercise log at the moment, one that is black and white and lists weeks through August 2013 (I like lots of info on one page).

I had a lot of trouble exporting this assignment and I exported it 5 times before realizing it wasn’t going to let me get the second page in. So I deleted the first page and exported it again, which allowed me to get the second page. Anyone else have trouble with this? I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but I used different settings and still couldn’t get it.

For the second part of the assignment I chose this table:

It’s from https://zeoinc.com/zar-min10.html and I chose it because I liked the colors it used. The blue and different shades of gray really help the lettering to pop, and I think the white text on dark background looks good. It really packs a lot of information into one tiny table! It’s one of the tables that lists information on the “Effect of Prenatal Zeolite Diet on Newborn Pigs.” Interesting…