Job09 draft

Ginny’s portrait

updated to post final.   I needed to resize it a bit to fit TheOnlinePrinter card template.

I’ve never opened Illustrator before.   I ended up there while exploring the drawing tools for this lesson. Oh. my. gosh. I might have hurried to get something posted so I could get back to playing…

Job 9

Did anyone else come close to tears, pouring over the book and Internet to figure this one out? I got the lines drawn, the white removed from the frame, even smoothed out the lines and put the picture and the lines on different layers. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fill the inside of the lines with color. The “fill” is absolutely no help. I tried grouping them, locking them..I have literally spent the last 4.5 hours on this and it should not be this hard! I mean, this is supposed to be an amazingly powerful program and the ability to draw a weird shape, group it as one object and filling it in with a design should be child’s play and basic stuff. I read anything I thought might be helpful in the book, watched countless YouTube videos. ANY assistance here would be most welcome. Maybe after some sleep it will be clear as a bell but right now, this eludes me!

And it never shows the background color either! Grr!