Job 9 Final


I just had some fun and made a rack card that is where I think we all really want to be right now.  When I made the character the first thing that I thought is he needed some sun, much like myself.


Job 9

job 9-h

Hey class, I am really sorry that my post is late. I have been struggling to keep up with all my assignments and my other life as a mom. Anyway this assignment was fun. It was a little bit difficult to get the hang of, the tools are not as easy to use as they are in illustrator.  I thought a feline body would suit her.

Draft Job 9

This “drawing” was inspired by listing to a friend of mine vent about her hubby stating he was going to cook her dinner & have it ready for her when she got home.   To her surprise all he did was buy the meat, seasoned it, and had it “ready for her” to cook!Williams_ID_09Draft

Inspiration 9

Looking at different types of modified graphics on pin it – I came across a lot of cool pics, pinned two, but this is my fav~

modified graphic sample


K Wichert-Job9 final

This was an interesting assignment with all kinds of things to consider in making it work. Just adjusting the file size of the graphic in percentages was a trial and error situation. My bookmark was a very long and narrow layout to work with. I googled quotes for the text. My template is a single sided bookmark. I bookmarked the site that had the free templates, for future work!