MT Final w/comments

Ok here is my final pic.   I didn’t post because there are only slight changes from my last post.   My comments to the teacher were a bit lengthy but it was suggested I post that (I’ll save ’til the end).   I have to say I’m not as good at gradient and color adding like mjlowe is with their shamrock or jsoule is with the background blue for the air flier they created.   Spending time with what is challenging to me – I was able to make my center oval almost see-through and I like how you can see my background some now.   Thanks everyone for your suggestions and comments!


My LOOONNNNG summary below:

I wanted to create a birthday invite I could email out to family and friends.   I initally wanted to insert baby pictures and current pictures of the boys, however, one of them was whinning like a baby about it.   I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say, so surfing the web I went for ideas.   I downloaded several pictures that caught my eye and asked my son to find a picture of his dream truck.

Watching various videos from the library web page ( I came across the section of “hidden easter eggs’ and fell in love with the stroke types of feet, woof, and lights and wanted to incorporate them somehow.

Typing on a path is fun to me and I LOVE assignment three where we add an image to words.   I have work ideas for various events we put on in the library for name plates and the like!

I played around with various fonts.   Worked on kerning.   One issue I was having with kerning – it would lock up going back and forth with the arrow keys.   When it would lock up, I would have to manually click curser with the mouse where I wanted it and then it would work again.

I messed around with background coloring.   Did I want a photo or gradient of a color.   I instantly didn’t like gradient (but than again I’m not very good at it) and looking at my classmate’s blogs, I definitely needed to find a kick ass photo and the one I took was not doing it for me.

Someone posted, well basically, my spirial needed work and when I found the background I loved – it just didn’t flow having it in there.   A. too busy and B not the right style, class, or whatever for the new look.   Plus most everyone knows my home is open to every family member.   I think changing the coloring on my fonts helped with being able to read some phrases better and making just the names and dates white – it helped make the two important items really stand out.

Taking the time to work on the gradient on the sketch was worth it.   (Again for some reason I suck at it), I love how the background picture is seen through the 21 key.

Needing to insert a glyph, I fell in love with the “M’ with the devil tail at the end of it – how fitting.   These boys are good kids (respect their parents, don’t do drugs, and never in trouble with the law), however, they are boys and we all know boys are little devils at times 🙂

I had student at work tell me to increase the training wheel picture because she really couldn’t tell what it was at first, so I did.

I’m having trouble for some reason finding how to change the bleed on my page now that I have printed it out and realize I want the picture to completely cover the page.

I wanted the line “from training wheels..’ to go vertical under the picture of the training wheels but have yet to figure out how.

What I like best about this flier – my son Troy likes it!

Second Draft

Well I think I found the graphic I wanted for my background.   What I’d like to do (and too tired to figure out right now) is how to take the “from train… & must have…” in a text box and go vertical.


Mid Term Draft

mid term 2
mid term1
I wanted to use some of my own images for this project, so I decided to make an ad for my cousins cake business. I was getting off to a rough start because I wanted to include a picture of my favorite image and the colors just did not go well with the other images. Its also a very busy image, and I found that it over powered the others a well.

Today I came up with something that I like. Here are two drafts. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to put in the blank area yet. And I plan on adding some sort of graphic to the background.

Job 7 / Midterm

Ok this is a draft for sure – have ideas just not sure how to implement them just yet.   I need to mess around with background color more but for now left it out.   I downloaded several different pictures to help me with what I wanted to say…had a stork and other pics but my son is a truck guy and until he could drive one could not peel him from his bike.   I learned how to create feet & paws in stroke settings and save them.   Thought I’d use them 🙂   The center picture is a picture I took of our fire ring and I drew the 21 key.   I used flame pics for the birthday wording.   Played around with font styles a lot to have this be eye catching.


Lena – Midterm Poster


I’ve been managing this Historical Sea Ice Atlas project for almost 2 years, and it’s near completion.   So, I decided to create a flyer we might be able to use to promote the sea ice atlas when it’s ready.

The header image is one that was created by a design consultant, and it will also be the header on the actual website. I had a difficult time matching the flyer to the header, getting all the text and logos on there, and matching up the different graphics… In the end I think the whole thing is too busy and a little ugly, but it’s a good starting point. 🙂

Deborah’s Flyer

Here is finally my draft! This was a difficult assignment and I had a  hard time  with it.

It started with me not having a clear concept of what I wanted to do. I figured I could do something with dogs because I thought I would probably have enough photos (but I did not). Then the idea of the pawprint with photos underlaid occurred to me and it took me quite a while to get there. There was probably an easier way to do this than mine but I did not know it…  So, finally I had my pawprint but then did not know where to go from here. In the end  I got bits  and pieces together but I am afraid it shows a bit in the final product. I added the  trail with the  little pawprints in the very end to help connect the top and the bottom of the page  but I am not sure it works.  

Another issue I have is with the font of the yellow quote, the regular font looked a bit too skinny, so I colored the outline yellow as well which made the font bold but also kind of fuzzy. Maybe I should try changing this font to one I already use in other parts of the flyer,  also because  four differents fonts on one page  seem to be stretching it as well, no?

I know this is late, but any kind of comments are still appreciated, thank you!


Haley Holland – Midterm

Draft 2! I think this one looks better. I changed my “picture frames” to be backgrounds instead of frames, extended the one to the bottom of the page, and outlined the ulu in black to make it stand out less.


Hello everyone! I think I did this assignment right. I tried going by the requirements laid out in the assignment folder but this took me quite a long time to do, between having a 19-month-old crawling on my lap and wanting to play with every pen I have on my desk to normal responsibilities of a housewife and mother of three…. yes, this took a long time!

I chose to do a flyer for a fake course on Damascus steel. I think I might go back later and see if I can fit in some more informational text about what would be taught at the class, but for real people interested in Damascus this flyer would be a hit, I think. I really liked the idea of using a black background because it would look so nice with the photo I chose for the main focal point. That photo, by the way, is from a man on Flickr whom I asked permission to use his work. He said absolutely as long as I gave him credit, even though it’s a fake flyer. I added the copyright info to his two pictures (the third is mine).

I had A LOT of trouble with this assignment. Rather, I ran into a lot of trouble. I just couldn’t get InDesign to do everything I wanted it to do! And no amount of Googling my issues helped me sort through all the layers and frames I was using. God forbid I wanted to resize a frame and a photo AT THE SAME TIME!!!

If I could spend a few weeks working on this, setting it down, coming back to it, setting it down again, and coming back to it several times I think it could turn out really nice. As it is, I would appreciate and feedback and critiquing you guys can give me!

Job 07 Midterm

update…adding back my final version that slipped off the blog during a recent outage.   I didn’t keep a copy of my remarks so have not reposted them.   I do recall commenting on the fun I had making the ruled paper.

…thank you for the helpful comments. I don’t have it just right yet but adjusting the alignment cleaned things up (I’m friends with the alignment options now!).

also…needed a drawing or clip art…the little apple is part of the Juneau School District logo that I found a way to isolate (I work for JSD and asked permission to use the school picture, teacher picture and the logo)

…struggles, how to fit everything in, how to make it look well designed, how to size the fonts in relation to the photos, etc.   Any help or comments will be much appreciated! Thanks.

Midterm Project Job 7

Hello all!


Here is a screenshot of my Midterm project. I still have some tweaking to do with the paragraph lines, kerning, etc but you will get the idea. Any suggestions are most welcome!

Draft 1


Final Draft

This project presented some problems for me, such as wanting to do too much and not having the skills yet. So, once I got over that frustration, I decided to go with the simplistic style. I have decided layers are my best friend and gradients are not. I can see how I want it to look in my mind, but am unable (so far) to really make it look the way I want. I wanted to have the background be a nice gray/white gradient (with gray at top and bottom about an inch so that it would draw the eye to the middle) but that proved to be hours of fruitless searching in the book and online tutorials. The upside was I learned little tricks and whatnot viewing videos on

The title was fun. I typed it on a curved path and then made it an outline so I could put color into it. The border touches I did by simply drawing a line (and using the ruler, guides and grid lines for consistency).

One thing I did do was apply a gradient to the borders around each picture. I thought it drew the eye to look at them which will help reinforce the subtle message of the pictures I chose (such as the handshaking monitors–forming a partnership, working with me and my company etc). The bullets and the drop cap proved to be a lesson in frustration as well. Trying to get those silly bullets to align where I wanted took some doing. To overcome it, I simple “removed” the bullets and shifted the whole block over. So, while it is still has the bullets, the formatting application for bullets is not really there anymore. I thought myself rather clever. 🙂

Overall, this project really helped me gain some more skill and understanding about the different tools and fun applications you can implement into your projects. I am pleased with how my flyer turned out and hope to use it in some form when I start my business.