Final – 6


So here’s my final.   In I learned how to load a couple graphs unto your cursor and after you created a text box (and with mouse button still held down) you hit the right arrow key.   I created and placed boxes for the shamrock and the tulips all at once.   Kinda cool.   Fixed the wrapping of my text, added another snowflake and used gradient color in the box and then copied and replaced a second one.

job 6

Well this was a difficult assignment for me. I had quite the hard time coming up with a design with so few guidelines.
I used effects on my object and changed the blending mode to multiply which changed the grey in my object to green.

Draft w/issues


Ok…I’m miffed – I’m trying to double click to select the image itself to change the color but than my swatch selection grays out and I can’t change the image color.   I want to double the snowflakes but don’t want to do until I fix the coloring.   Any tips?

Wichert – Job6 Flyer


I was not happy with this project. I had trouble with my program (In-design in the cloud) and many of the tools malfunctioned. I don’t know why. I had to try time after time to get the tools to work. Some of this could have been my error but not all of it. I have worked with the Adobe programs for several years and have an older version of the Suite. This is not an exciting poster but hopefully met enough of the assignment as it stands . I wanted the gradient to flow diagonally down from the top left corner but no matter how many times I tried it wouldn’t change for me. I think I am going to have to uninstall and install again to see if this works better for me.

Job 06 Color

10/12/12 update: this morning’s Juneau Empire includes is a front page article on Alaska Litho print shop’s 65th anniversary of business in Juneau.   The article includes a link to their website where I found an additional link to their pinterest page “where we collect inspiration for ourselves & our clients”. Cool. I’m not sure I know what “Upload your image file in Blackboard for grading” means (last line of assignment directions for Draft Job 6).

Job 6

As I said in my uploaded assignment to the Professor, this looks like a 3rd grader did it. I am not pleased with how it turned out whatsoever. There was so much I wanted to do like make the text fill in with the leaves I used in this project or fill in the inside of the leaves with a contrasting radiant swatch to make it stand out more. Don’t even get me started on trying to apply a background color! YouTube failed me this time, and it shows! Blarg.