total oops moment – got yapp’n about son’s tattoo and didn’t do a blog on typography.   According to the WWW this dude was one of the great designers of typography of the 20th century – actually pretty interesting read.   This chap got thrown in prison – PRISON just cuz the Nazi part was deeply suspicious of modernism and the way this ole chap wrote words!   Check it out ~   https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2008/dec/05/jan-tschichold-typography

Job 5 Draft


Sorry gang – been out sick.   Here is my draft on job 5.   The amazing auroras this week made me want to add color to this homework assignment.   I picked the snowflake bullets to add to the theme.   I liked the Ravie font because it reminded me of the font used on some of the old time Christmas movies 🙂

One thing I learned is that on the “have wow” I did – one should do the kern spacing BEFORE you clear the font color and add the picture like we did the the table tents.


Free Fonts

This is my favorite place to get fonts.   They have been around for a long time so they have accumulated a ton of fonts.   My favorite part about the site is that you have people all over the world submitting fonts so if you just saw a movie and you want the title font, more than likely it will be here.   The best part however is that all of the fonts are free to download and use.

Job5 www.dafont.com


I have always liked this website for free fonts, and I usually have pretty good luck finding fonts for my Mac. What I like best about this website is that you can put in your text to see what it would look like in any font before you download it. It will even show you the same font and your text (if available) in italic, bold, condensed, etc. I have found this very useful for 1) not clogging up my computer with fonts I end up not liking, and 2) it really comes in handy when I am doing things with Photoshop like scrapbooking, making funny pictures to put on Facebook using fonts I don’t have, and designing logos and business cards while finding exactly the right font for the project I am working on.

Create your own font – Job 5

Hello all,

I found this free online tool that lets you create your own font by scanning in letters you write on a form that you print off their website. I tried it and it actually works, pretty cool! It made me aware of all the small (and big) irregularities in my handwriting… The space for the letters to be drawn on their form is pretty small though, so I am not sure how a large font would look. Anyway, it was worth the try!

The second website I add here is not all that much fun but I found it pretty informative since I really did not know the difference between all the dashes there are.

Job05 Typography

Abduzeedo is a collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials”

This blog posts so much user submitted inspiration that it’s almost overwhelming, but I’m drawn to it…I think perhaps because it’s out of my comfort zone. Typography Mania is a feature of the  blog that posts weekly, on Wednesday.

I’ve included a few lines from the blog to let it explain itself…

“Abduzeedo is a blog about design. There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for inspiration. Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there, with a special selection of Photoshop Tutorials and Illustrator Tutorials”.

“One of the goals of Abduzeedo is to be an open channel to the design community, encouraging feedback”

“Typography Mania is a weekly post series…with the best of Typography design work from the web…”

Updated to add one more link… Type design trends 2012


I found the coolest little video that explains (and shows) what typography is about. It made me really think about how the format of the letters conveys intent, emotion, and ‘tone’ of what is being read. It goes rather quickly and the fonts change often, but that is what made me realize the impact different fonts can have as I had varying emotional responses to what I was reading. Cool stuff! The video can be seen by clicking here.