Job 4 Edit assignment results

Take a chance to review the comments on the Job 4 edit assignment from your classmates at

When I’m reviewing your documents this is my normal process:

  • Make sure I’m in Normal view
  • Show Hidden Characters – select from the Type menu
    This shows me if there are extra paragraph returns, multiple spaces, or extra tabs in your text frames. You’ll learn more about text in the new few lessons.
  • View menu – show guides
    I want to see where your margins are or where your text or graphic frames are located
  • Ruler Guides
    I use the horizontal and vertical ruler guides to see where things are lined up.
  • Links
    I look at your links to see what elements have been placed or embedded in the document. (not relevant for this job)
  • Paragraph Style and or Character Style
    I look at both of these to make sure there isn’t a little plus sign behind any of the styles. When I see this plus sign that means that there were alternations to the text itself that are not defined in the actual style.

Here is an image showing errors, many of which you picked up on. When I originally counted them up I must have counted each of the right side text frame margins as separate errors.


And here is a video that explains the errors and how to fix them.

Job 4 Edits

For this week’s blog post you’ll be looking at an InDesign document (found in Job 4 in Blackboard) that needs to be proofread. The text is actually all ok, so don’t look for typos or grammar mistakes. You’ll be looking at the layout and how the designer put the document together. There are at least 12 errors that need to be addressed before going to print and you’ll need to look the document over and find them!

This is where JING will come in handy. If you already have a screen capture tool that you use to annotate a screenshot then continue to use that tool.

Review the attached document in InDesign. Find the errors that need to be pointed out to the original designer. For your blog comment, please capture three of the errors you found, highlight them in some way and tell what is wrong. if you know how to fix it add your suggestion. If you don’t, that is ok — we’ll some up with a solution as a class.

Please post this as a  comment  to my this post. You’ll only be able to post one picture at a time so you will have to make multiple comments. (Sorry about how klunky that is, I’m looking for another wordpress plug-in that might work better).

Lesson 4 Draft


Here is my draft.   I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to type on the oval the way I wanted.   Only way I could get it to work was to do a second oval right over the first and then set up my type on a path.   Please let me know if there is a way to do it like the picture but on only one oval, cuz I couldn’t figure out how.   Oh and I purposely have the ovals at a 7 degree angle.   I wanted it offset of the structured columns.

Haley Holland – Job 4

I had fun doing this assignment, InDesign is such a complicated program but the book has really clear directions.

I initially had trouble getting the Stroke off the ellipse but I ended up reversing the order of the tasks to: drawing the ellipse with 0 stroke, then adding text, instead of drawing the ellipse, adding text and then taking the stroke off the ellipse… If that makes sense!

Also, I thought my headline sounded funny 🙂


Job 04 Draft

I’m still working on reducing the extra white space below the sidebar text,
but I wanted to get this posted in case anyone has time to provide input!
Thanks in advance, Ginny

p.s. the black border was a last minute find when editing the post. With the .jpg file uploaded, I clicked on it, then clicked the edit image icon, then advanced settings, and entered 2 in the Border field.

Job 4

Overall I am pretty happy with the way this turned out. I have a few concerns with proportion on the heading but otherwise the page flows well. Suggestions?

As I said to the instructor, I now know what causes such long times working these projects–formatting!! (I tried to make this larger but when I do, it blurs the text. If you click on the image, it will show normal size in a new window).