Inspiration 9

tumblr_lzqwlpxGTe1qcl3afo1_500It’s all in the context of a picture.  I have had this on my computer for years.  It reminds me that we should never make snap judgments about people.  The man in this picture would be judged by most people as someone you should be careful around.  The long scraggly beard, long unkempt hair, and old faded shirt tells us that he is someone who doesn’t care for himself so what would he do to me.  However, in this photo the kitten looking up at him and the smile on his face makes him more approachable.  Even though this may not seem to be related to design but over the years I have learned that this is a central theme in design.  If we use all dark, strong colors then it will make the publication unapproachable for most people.  Also if you use backgrounds of broken, unattractive textures then most people will stay clear.  This is why I think Apple uses whites and grays.  They are instantly approachable to the masses.  Light colors tell people that there are no secrets and it is a safe place while dark colors imply secrets and dangers.  But this is my personal opinion, take it or leave it.

Inspiration 9

Photography is my inspiration, have I said that yet? I may have, after all; photography is my major.

A photographer friend asked me to make her a flyer. While I probably shouldn’t have taken on any extra projects, I thought it would be fun to practice some of the new skills I learned, and I agreed to do it. Here is the flyer;

dionne-ad 1

Please let me know what you think.


inspiration 8

Oh I have been feeling so busy it seems like its hard to be “inspired”. Last weekend I went out of town because it was my dads birthday. Once again I got behind,before I could get caught up. I suppose my inspiration for last week was myself. I am determined to learn as much as I can so that I can seek employment as a graphic designer.

Inspiration 9

Maybe its cuz we are getting more and   more daylight – and the fact I still wish I had a green vs a black thumb but I can wait to see the blooms of various plants.   Check out my pinterest link for the couple I posted but here is a pic of blooms of my crabIMG_4501

apple trees in my yard last spring.

Inspiration 7

My inspiration for the week comes from a good friend. No matter what happens in life to get him down he always manages to PUSH thru it all. He has been at the lowest point possible and never gives up faith. He makes it look so easy.. only wish this was tru.

Inspiration 9

Looking at different types of modified graphics on pin it – I came across a lot of cool pics, pinned two, but this is my fav~

modified graphic sample


Inspiration 8

Our whole house, to include the dogs, have been under the weather with one issue or another the past two weeks.   While it was great having my son take care of me for a change, it did make me a little melancholy.   Soon my “baby” will be 21.   Where did the time go?

My inspiration during this time is knowing my son will be a great dad and attentive husband some day.   Here is a picture of my pride and joy with his Grandpa Williams just a couple short years ago at his graduation party.

Moose & GPa Graduation


I find inspiration everywhere but I draw a lot from the female form. No where on earth can you find better curves and intersections of curves than in the madonna form. Look at the picture of only the side profile of a womans face and notice all of the subtle curves, shadows, and silhouettes that are created. To me the female form is proof of an artistic Creator.