Inspiration 12

tumblr_my8blbjSki1srrumfo1_1280For this post I found a quote that sums up what designers really do.  It is easy to use templates, it is easy to stay within the norms of design but true designers take the same tools that everyone else have access to and break out into the deep waters.  Designers change the status quo and create designs that have never been thought of before.  Here is to all of you being a boat away from the safety of shore.

Inspiration 11

Again with a link for those that need design inspiration.  I am a webdesigner by trade so a lot of my time is looking at other websites for design trends.  A great website to see these trends is:

This website picks some of the best websites on the web on a weekly basis.  I use this site weekly to keep up to date with where designs on the web are going so that I can give my customers the most up to date designs.

Inspiration 10

Today I have a website that helps me get ideas for layouts.  There is a large selection of templates that you can purchase but I just look through them to get design cues and then mimic those cues.   If you join their site for free they give templates, fonts, vector images, etc every week.  Hope this helps someone else as much as it helps me.

Inspiration 11

Trying to figure out what I want to do, I looked for inspiration on pinit.   Pinned a few but really like this one.   Makes me think of my dad (may he rest in peace) – he loved trains and was into model trains~

Roaring Camp Railroad - Photo Montage - Felton CA - Santa Cruz CA - Caryn Esplin - Redwoods - Steam Engine - Old Train

Inspiration 8

Life is definitely trying every  thing within  me. At times it is hard to NOT just throw in the towel and GIVE UP.. But this photo I found has sure made me think twice (so to speak). So for this week this photo is my inspiration.