Lena – Final Project

Krutikov-ID-Final-Project Krutikov-ID-Final-Project2

Well, I’m much happier with the second go. I particularly like the full panel photo on the left inside flap.  The Polaroid effect I learned from this site:  https://indesignsecrets.com/polaroid-pix.php  — It’s a very neat and easy trick that I am sure I’ll use again.

Overall, I found this project to be really fun. 1) There was stuff I wanted to do and I knew how to do it! 2) It was different to create something for a real purpose. 3) Although I was creating this for a friend’s company, it was still tough to get timely responses from him and he wasn’t able to hunt down high resolution versions of some of the photos I wanted to use (that I found on the company website)… So I learned some real-world lessons of what it’s like to work with a client.

Wichert – Final

I didn’t have an actual brochure that I could use so this is just a made up one with just a title and a few boxes of text referring to a made up Nursery. I love flowers and take lots of photo of them so they came in handy for this. My color palette was a little to pink for my liking but it went with the purple background. I found it hard to do this assignment without a real project to work with. Seeing these side by side makes me know that I should have added some background color to the second page, maybe a light tint of the purple.

F233_Wichert-Final     F233_Wichert-Final2

Haley Holland – Final Project

This is my final project! I had fun with this assignment again, which is surprising since I found most of the lessons pretty hard and stressful. I usually try to do things right and really nice, or not at all. I think the brochure turned out nice!

I think I am most proud of the fact that my mom asked if it was an actual place. Awesome! I think it turned out professional-looking and I do believe I’m ready to tackle brochures for my mom’s business, my husband’s business, and possibly my fledgling graphic design business.

This has been a fun semester!

Final Project

I am very pleased with my little self on my final project. I, like Haley, was impressed with how much I have learned about this program and how easily I was able to make it do what I wanted. I also found myself coming up with more and more ideas on how I could tweak it and had to stop myself before I went overboard.

I know there are some things that need tweaking and some wording that needs to be cleaned up however, it definitely shows my increased skill in layout and using all of the tools I have learned about so far in this program. To be honest, I had a BLAST with this final project!!



It has been a great semester all and I wish you best of luck! Here’s hoping for an A haha! 🙂