Just for fun

I hope this is OK to post a little fun find.

Congrats to folks who have their final posted! I’m having trouble completing mine, darn.   While online looking for help I ran into a tutorial for “wrapping” Christmas lights around text (outlined).   I stopped to give it a try. It uses many tricks that we’ve learned and a couple new ones, like how to create a new stroke style. Click here for the tutorial and/or to see a much better example,   I had to make myself stop and get back to my final without editing further.

Job 12 Transparency

A rectangle base, with two larger and overlapping circles…with a polygon turned into a star on top because they are so cool!

I’m not sure what clone an object is, so I may not have duplicated the object properly.

I tried various combinations of effects but finished very simply: the left circles are Exclusion (star is Exclusion), center circles are Screen (star is Color Dodge) and the right circles are Multiply (star is Color Dodge but it is layered below the circle).   Somewhere along the line I angled the shapes a bit.

It’s amazing the variety that can be achieved using only one swatch and the effects panel!

Yikes…took a last look at the assignment…I’d started with three shapes layered on top of each other, but played and wandered from that, I may need to redo?

Job 11 Long Documents

I’m sorry to have missed posting last week and contributing to the conversation.

I’ve struggled with some of our assignments and assembling/formatting the book was not an exception! But, I took the course with the hope of opening myself to new learning and opportunities. I was thrilled to see the power of the book assembly and hope I have a chance to work on a similar project soon so I can keep working on understanding it.   I visited family for the holiday week and in conversations mentioned this course…when asked how/why it was different than using Word (if they only knew!) it was fun to have the book assignment as a reference point…I could point to printed materials in the room and comment like I was a pro on how it might have been assembled using InDesign.

I think this relates…I recently ran into articles about DocsFlow. It is apparently a plug-in that can make google docs talk to InDesign.   Collaborators can edit via a shared google doc and an associated InDesign document updates simultaneously (and vice-versa).   Our school district is in the process of migrating to google apps and I’m trying to stay ahead of new possibilities for myself and other office staff.   Have any of you used DocsFlow? Thanks, gh

Job10 Tables

I think  building a table in a text frame has been one of my favorite lessons, very cool. I can imagine using it a lot.

https://zeoinc.com/zar-min3.html is the location of the table I found most interesting. Other tables presented information more clearly, but I liked the use of transparency on this one. It’s interesting and catchy—yet the information is still very readable. (and I want to try out the idea!)





Transparency and table


Transparency and table

Job09 draft

Ginny’s portrait

updated to post final.   I needed to resize it a bit to fit TheOnlinePrinter card template.

I’ve never opened Illustrator before.   I ended up there while exploring the drawing tools for this lesson. Oh. my. gosh. I might have hurried to get something posted so I could get back to playing…

Job 07 Midterm

update…adding back my final version that slipped off the blog during a recent outage.   I didn’t keep a copy of my remarks so have not reposted them.   I do recall commenting on the fun I had making the ruled paper.

…thank you for the helpful comments. I don’t have it just right yet but adjusting the alignment cleaned things up (I’m friends with the alignment options now!).

also…needed a drawing or clip art…the little apple is part of the Juneau School District logo that I found a way to isolate (I work for JSD and asked permission to use the school picture, teacher picture and the logo)

…struggles, how to fit everything in, how to make it look well designed, how to size the fonts in relation to the photos, etc.   Any help or comments will be much appreciated! Thanks.

Job 06 Color

10/12/12 update: this morning’s Juneau Empire includes is a front page article on Alaska Litho print shop’s 65th anniversary of business in Juneau.   The article includes a link to their website where I found an additional link to their pinterest page “where we collect inspiration for ourselves & our clients”. Cool. I’m not sure I know what “Upload your image file in Blackboard for grading” means (last line of assignment directions for Draft Job 6).

Job05 Typography

Abduzeedo is a collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials”

This blog posts so much user submitted inspiration that it’s almost overwhelming, but I’m drawn to it…I think perhaps because it’s out of my comfort zone. Typography Mania is a feature of the  blog that posts weekly, on Wednesday.

I’ve included a few lines from the blog to let it explain itself…

“Abduzeedo is a blog about design. There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for inspiration. Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there, with a special selection of Photoshop Tutorials and Illustrator Tutorials”.

“One of the goals of Abduzeedo is to be an open channel to the design community, encouraging feedback”

“Typography Mania is a weekly post series…with the best of Typography design work from the web…”

Updated to add one more link… Type design trends 2012

Job 04 Draft

I’m still working on reducing the extra white space below the sidebar text,
but I wanted to get this posted in case anyone has time to provide input!
Thanks in advance, Ginny

p.s. the black border was a last minute find when editing the post. With the .jpg file uploaded, I clicked on it, then clicked the edit image icon, then advanced settings, and entered 2 in the Border field.

Job 03

eastern Washington views from WA-26

This is the photo I’m using to work on my Job 3 draft.     I enjoyed auditioning various photos but this was my favorite for the purpose.   I like how I can play with the contrast at the horizon and I think the gentle curve of the horizon looks good with the straighter lines of text.   The scene is associated with the memory of family driving trips and I could easily conjure up a word to place the photo in. Updated 09/22 with a small pic of my final.