Ruffridge – Jing Image


I chose this picture from one of the hikes I went on this summer. I thought it displayed the beauty of Alaska wonderfully. The hike was very difficult, but this view at the top is totally worth it. For me, it’s a reminder of how it’s the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth.

Master Pages

I used an old magazine I had lying around at home, “The Pampered Chef” which has 63 pages. The majority of the pages resemble one another so it was pretty easy to see which ones were master pages. I counted a total of three. The first one has several pictures displayed on the top with text on the bottom in three columns. The second one had the pictures displayed on the side with the text on the other side. The third is a two page spread divided in three dotted columns with pictures displayed in them. Although there are unique pages, the master pages are the main ones that are repeated throughout the magazine.

Megan Ruffridge – Job 1


Hello everyone!

My name is Megan Ruffridge, and I’m currently living in Kenai. I was born in Ohio, but moved up here with my family at 6 mo old, so you could say I’ve lived here my whole life. I went out of state to a college in Wisconsin last year, but am back this semester working/saving money to go back in January.

In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors or playing music. I play three instruments- piano, flute, and violin and am teaching beginning piano lessons this semester.
I’m hoping to run a piano studio out of my home some day.

I have a computer, printer, and scanner available for me to use here at KPC.
I’m currently going for a degree in Office Management so I’m excited to learn about InDesign which I’m sure I’ll be able to use in my future career.

Just a little about me 🙂 