Ruffridge – Final

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Final

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Final2

Here is my final brochure. I work at the health clinic here at KPC and they needed an updated brochure to use for advertising so I decided to use this opportunity to create one. The nurse I work for loved it and will be printing them soon. I had fun creating this and it was neat to see how the skills I’ve learned in this class can be applied to my job.

At first I didn’t like how the blue border looked, it seemed a bit too much, but once I printed out a sample and folded it I began to like it. I think it ties everything together really well. It just seems like a lot when it’s laid out flat like this. Otherwise, I did not have very many problems with creating this.

I’ve enjoyed taking this class and have learned so much as a result! I know I will use several of these concepts in the future. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Ruffridge – Job 12 Book

This was a very challenging assignment for me. There are a lot of details that went into this and I found that I had to follow the directions very carefully because if one step was wrong, it could affect the whole book.

I could see myself using this in the future once I get more practice in it. It makes sense to use inDesign to create individual pieces of a book with multiple users because it makes it easy to add outside documents to the book and format all the pages in the same way. Despite the several problems I had in doing this assignment, it was good practice.

Ruffridge – Job 11

Blog Post
Not really sure if I did this correctly, but here it is anyhow 🙂
All of the background polygons have a normal blending mode.
For the first shape on the left I used screen for the circle and hard light for the star.
For the middle shape (my favorite) I used difference for the circle and exclusion for the star.
For the shape on the right I used difference for the circle and screen for the star.
It’s pretty neat to see how different you can make all three of them look from each other just by using blending modes.

Ruffridge – Job 10

Here is my table from page 2 with added elements to create a page that might be seen in a merchandizing catalog.

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Final 10

As for the table examples, I really liked this sample:
EcoSand Greenhouse Research: Tomato Test Results
I like how this table uses a graphic in the header to display what the table is
portraying and how it uses the colors red and green to accent the picture of tomatoes.

Ruffridge-Draft Job 9

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Draft Job 9

Here is my draft for Job 9. It was a little challenging drawing with the pen/pencil tools as you can see her body is a little disfunctional. 🙂 Any feedback you can give on making this better is appreciated! Her necklace was originally black and white pearls, but I wanted to place some color so I drew on a necklace. I don’t really know if this works for the picture so I might delete it and leave the pearls how they were. Let me know what you think!

Ruffridge-Mid Term

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Mid Term

The final outcome of my project. I chose piano lessons as my subject because I thought I might to be able to use it someday to broadcast my services. I’m hoping to go into business running my own piano studio so why not use a project for class and make it something I can actually use 🙂 I chose the pictures to be the main focal point to draw people in to the flyer and created the circles lower to bring the focus down and onto the text. I thought leaving in the white line was good to create some separation from the picture and red background color. I tried to include all the information parents would want to know in the text yet keeping it simple so it’s not overly wordy.
This was a really fun flyer to make and I didn’t really come across any serious problems that I couldn’t fix. The music note was hard to make, getting the stems to line up perfectly so it looks like one object and not three different pieces.
Overall, I really enjoyed creating the flyer and hope to use it in the future!

Ruffridge – Job 6 Flyer

Megan Ruffridge - Draft 6

My church is having a fall festival in a week so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a simple flyer for it. I made use of gradient for the background but I don’t really like how dark the bottom of the page turned out. Let me know if you have any ideas on this.