Job 9 Final


I just had some fun and made a rack card that is where I think we all really want to be right now.  When I made the character the first thing that I thought is he needed some sun, much like myself.



I find inspiration everywhere but I draw a lot from the female form. No where on earth can you find better curves and intersections of curves than in the madonna form. Look at the picture of only the side profile of a womans face and notice all of the subtle curves, shadows, and silhouettes that are created. To me the female form is proof of an artistic Creator.

Midterm Draft


I wanted to make a poster for an upcoming event that I am hosting for my young adult group so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  My philosophy in designing things is the old adage “less is more.”  I tried to give all of the information without making the poster too cluttered and I hope that I achieved this.

Inspiration 6- Color


Since this week we are looking at color I thought this would be a great picture to show  color.  The cool colors in this picture give me the sense of calmness.  The purple, blue, and indigo in make for a beautiful picture but it is made even more beautiful by the black that surrounds it.  The black background makes the colors pop off the screen more than they would if the background was white or colored.

Inspiration for design

tumblr_mxjw35xR1B1r6ji5co1_500Today I have another photograph but this time I am not inspired by the subject matter but rather by the way the shot is taken.   The perspective that is seen especially in the benches followed by the lights on the trees that run along the sides of the street gave me some ideas on how I could use some perspective on one of my websites.   The perspective in the picture invites people to want to move beyond the bench and see what is down the road.   I am thinking that I could use the idea of perspective to invite visitors to a website to delve further into the site.   Also I love the sepia color scheme, it gives me notions of old world and the electric lights show me the new world so the entire image is like old world clashes with new.   Would this mean that the snow is implying that the clash brings about cold and death or purity and newness?

Free Fonts

This is my favorite place to get fonts.   They have been around for a long time so they have accumulated a ton of fonts.   My favorite part about the site is that you have people all over the world submitting fonts so if you just saw a movie and you want the title font, more than likely it will be here.   The best part however is that all of the fonts are free to download and use.

Inspiration-A Thought

tumblr_n10tm9wSi11qcl3afo1_500This week’s inspiration comes in the form of an image.   Seen here are two hands in a prayer pose.   While many would see the prayer pose and think, oh look there at the old person praying, that is cool, I see something else.   I see the hands, old and torn.   Those hands have seen many days, been banged up toiling away at work, wiped away a few tears, protected a child or two from harm, been wrung in times of stress and hardship.   Those hands tell a story that only those hands can tell.   No other person on earth will ever have the same experiences as you.   While we may all start out life with the same stuff, it is the experiences, or the things that we do that tell the story of our lives.   And at the end of it what will your hands tell about you.