Final Project

I am very pleased with my little self on my final project. I, like Haley, was impressed with how much I have learned about this program and how easily I was able to make it do what I wanted. I also found myself coming up with more and more ideas on how I could tweak it and had to stop myself before I went overboard.

I know there are some things that need tweaking and some wording that needs to be cleaned up however, it definitely shows my increased skill in layout and using all of the tools I have learned about so far in this program. To be honest, I had a BLAST with this final project!!



It has been a great semester all and I wish you best of luck! Here’s hoping for an A haha! 🙂

Job 12

I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Here’s hoping everyone left in the class finds the energy to stick it out!

Here is my first go at this job. I am not particularly pleased with the outcome though. It does not blend right. Then again, I think I may have misunderstood the instructions–it said leave the opacity at 100% but wanted the color blended? Oh well, I will muddle my way through. 🙂



How to Clone

If you are like me, you struggled to figure out how to clone. It is possible I missed it in the book but just in case…if you are on a PC, hold down the Alt button while hovering over the object you want to clone. The black arrow will have a smaller, white arrow under it that lets you know you are in ‘clone mode.’ Left click and pull the image away for placement. All objects cloned will be added to their respective layers too. Very handy!



Job 11

I found this assignment frustrating. While not ‘difficult,’ it is certainly challenging to get all the components to work right and when they do not, re-doing the steps does not always help. One thing I find frustrating with the text is the lack of troubleshooting skills that could be taught.

I could not get the TOC or index to work right however, I DID get the chapter formatting to behave like I wanted to so I am pleased with that. The page numbers given in the assignment was very helpful.

I can say with fair certainty that while this is a great program that has powerful tools, I do not see myself really using it after this class is over. It’s a shame too, since the program cost $350 (yay student discounts!). Perhaps if I had had some exposure to the program prior to this class or had a need for using it, I would feel differently. I am not a graphic designer, nor do I expect I will be in any serious capacity. That being said, I am grateful for the exposure to the program and who knows? Maybe it will help me in the future!



Job 10- Tables

I am rather pleased with how this turned out. I have a healthy amount of experience with creating tables in other programs and the confidence really helped me in getting this project done.

I am aware this is not complete however, this assignment was about tables and graphics in them–not a fully fledged flyer so I am ok with it having an incomplete look (at least, that is what I keep telling myself haha!). I am eager to see what others came up with!

~~I almost forgot the other part of the assignment! The table I chose can be found here. I did not really care for this ‘table.’ To me it is more of a graph than a table–when I think table I think of rows and columns. This ‘table’ was, while informative, very boring. It is extremely basic and while that is good for relaying information, it is not very inviting or engaging with its plain style.

Job 9

Did anyone else come close to tears, pouring over the book and Internet to figure this one out? I got the lines drawn, the white removed from the frame, even smoothed out the lines and put the picture and the lines on different layers. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fill the inside of the lines with color. The “fill” is absolutely no help. I tried grouping them, locking them..I have literally spent the last 4.5 hours on this and it should not be this hard! I mean, this is supposed to be an amazingly powerful program and the ability to draw a weird shape, group it as one object and filling it in with a design should be child’s play and basic stuff. I read anything I thought might be helpful in the book, watched countless YouTube videos. ANY assistance here would be most welcome. Maybe after some sleep it will be clear as a bell but right now, this eludes me!

And it never shows the background color either! Grr!

Midterm Project Job 7

Hello all!


Here is a screenshot of my Midterm project. I still have some tweaking to do with the paragraph lines, kerning, etc but you will get the idea. Any suggestions are most welcome!

Draft 1


Final Draft

This project presented some problems for me, such as wanting to do too much and not having the skills yet. So, once I got over that frustration, I decided to go with the simplistic style. I have decided layers are my best friend and gradients are not. I can see how I want it to look in my mind, but am unable (so far) to really make it look the way I want. I wanted to have the background be a nice gray/white gradient (with gray at top and bottom about an inch so that it would draw the eye to the middle) but that proved to be hours of fruitless searching in the book and online tutorials. The upside was I learned little tricks and whatnot viewing videos on

The title was fun. I typed it on a curved path and then made it an outline so I could put color into it. The border touches I did by simply drawing a line (and using the ruler, guides and grid lines for consistency).

One thing I did do was apply a gradient to the borders around each picture. I thought it drew the eye to look at them which will help reinforce the subtle message of the pictures I chose (such as the handshaking monitors–forming a partnership, working with me and my company etc). The bullets and the drop cap proved to be a lesson in frustration as well. Trying to get those silly bullets to align where I wanted took some doing. To overcome it, I simple “removed” the bullets and shifted the whole block over. So, while it is still has the bullets, the formatting application for bullets is not really there anymore. I thought myself rather clever. 🙂

Overall, this project really helped me gain some more skill and understanding about the different tools and fun applications you can implement into your projects. I am pleased with how my flyer turned out and hope to use it in some form when I start my business.



Job 6

As I said in my uploaded assignment to the Professor, this looks like a 3rd grader did it. I am not pleased with how it turned out whatsoever. There was so much I wanted to do like make the text fill in with the leaves I used in this project or fill in the inside of the leaves with a contrasting radiant swatch to make it stand out more. Don’t even get me started on trying to apply a background color! YouTube failed me this time, and it shows! Blarg.


I found the coolest little video that explains (and shows) what typography is about. It made me really think about how the format of the letters conveys intent, emotion, and ‘tone’ of what is being read. It goes rather quickly and the fonts change often, but that is what made me realize the impact different fonts can have as I had varying emotional responses to what I was reading. Cool stuff! The video can be seen by clicking here.