Job 5

I think I am one of those people who need to take a class in person via distance education. I am trying to catch up. I have had a rough semester for a number or reasons and InDesign has not clicked for me.Leona Long project5

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I had some difficulty with Jing but I finally got it.   I inherited hundreds of photos that were taken at I-AC over the last decade.   I chose this one because it reminded me of a park, if there were parks in rural Alaska.   Beautiful fireweed next to a weather beaten bench.   It just seemed appropriate.

Leona Long Job 1 Final


In addition to my work as marketing coordinator for Interior-Aleutians Campus, I take classes each semester to develop my expertise.   One my opportunities at I-AC is developing graphic design skills.   I began using Publisher because I had no experience with graphic design and no art background.   Strategic communication professionals are expected to be more diversified in Alaska than Los Angeles.     I handcraft cosmetics like eye shadow, nail polish, lip gloss and mineral cosmetics.   I love glitter, lots and lots of glitter.   One of my coworkers found an ecard that says “Glitter is my favorite color.”   She printed it out and gave it to me.   Its now on my office door.




Leona Long Job 1



I am the marketing coordinator for Interior-Aleutians Campus.   We serve Interior Alaska and part of the Aleutians Pribilof.   Most of the communities we serve are accessible only by airplane, snow machine or boat.   We are considered a Native American serving institution, which means more than 51 percent of our students are Alaska Native or Native American.I am responsible for all marketing and public relations efforts.   I am taking this class to improve my skills in graphic design.