Wichert – Final

I didn’t have an actual brochure that I could use so this is just a made up one with just a title and a few boxes of text referring to a made up Nursery. I love flowers and take lots of photo of them so they came in handy for this. My color palette was a little to pink for my liking but it went with the purple background. I found it hard to do this assignment without a real project to work with. Seeing these side by side makes me know that I should have added some background color to the second page, maybe a light tint of the purple.

F233_Wichert-Final     F233_Wichert-Final2

K Wichert – Job10

Tables are fun to work with. Here is my table from page 2, its not very exciting but I am looking forward to finishing this in the final draft. I made this a jpeg with different methods than exporting from InDesign because when I did that, it showed the whole page of empty space on the blog. When I added the other info about the sample it was shown after the empty blog space. It really looked weird.


I looked at table samples and chose this one: https://zeoinc.com/zeosand2.html

The first thing I like about is that it really doesn’t look like a table. The background is a pool of   blue water. Using a photograph for this makes it very different from the standard table. I also like that the rows consist of a title in white text with a Bullet list of items under it in the next row with small black text. This is repeated four times. The name of this table is ZeoSand Superior Sand Replacement.

K Wichert-Job9 final

This was an interesting assignment with all kinds of things to consider in making it work. Just adjusting the file size of the graphic in percentages was a trial and error situation. My bookmark was a very long and narrow layout to work with. I googled quotes for the text. My template is a single sided bookmark. I bookmarked the site that had the free templates, for future work!


Wichert-Midterm Poster

Midterm Poster

This is an event that I made up but it is a subject that I love. I take photographs of flowers from my yard, local nurseries and wild flowers where ever I find them. I originally made the background from a flower arrangement photo but it was a little to busy so I used it in the logo and made the background a solid color from one of the flowers in the arrangement.

Wichert – Job6 Flyer


I was not happy with this project. I had trouble with my program (In-design in the cloud) and many of the tools malfunctioned. I don’t know why. I had to try time after time to get the tools to work. Some of this could have been my error but not all of it. I have worked with the Adobe programs for several years and have an older version of the Suite. This is not an exciting poster but hopefully met enough of the assignment as it stands . I wanted the gradient to flow diagonally down from the top left corner but no matter how many times I tried it wouldn’t change for me. I think I am going to have to uninstall and install again to see if this works better for me.

Wichert-Job3-part 1

I chose one of my photos for this assignment although it wasn’t ideal. There is color in the red leaves that I wanted to show in my graphic. I brought the picture into Photoshop and re-sized it to letter size at 300px. I then placed it into my word and moved it around until I got the most color from the leaves showing. This seemed to be right through the middle of the photograph. Here is my photo jing shot:


Magazine Master Page

I received my new Country Living magazine in the mail today. After looking through it several times I counted 7 master pages. Five of these were different layouts of text and photos. On a two page spread (facing pages) One large photo on the right overlaps the left page which also has a corresponding photo with a two column text above it. The large photo also as text below it.