Master Pages

I grabbed the only publication on my desk which is 53 pages. When flipping though it, it is very easy to tell which pages are set up with a master template. There are 3 prominent styles in this magazine. One has triple column text, one is a double column with side boarder, then double column no boarder. It’s also interesting to look at the color scheme of the magazine and headline styles. They tend to be very similar throughout.

Petersen – Job 1


I am taking this class to learn more graphic design skills for use at my current job. I work in the department of engineering at UAF and I have recently been assigned to the annual report layout. There are only a few people in the department that have these skills currently. Adding these skills will be a great asset for me professionally and to the department. I am fortunate to have scanners, printers, & a  PC available at work for use.