Master pages

I’m using our class text (Adobe InDesign CC: Classroom in a book)to identify and count master pages.

  1. Contents
  2. Chapter title page (lesson overview) with facing picture page
  3. Getting started (chapter content)
  4. Review questions at end of chapters
  5. Index title page and remaining index pages
  6. A few unique pages at the beginning/end of book

I found about 5 or 6 different master pages and about 6 unique pages. The Contents pages has one column of text and an image for each chapter heading. All chapter titles are in red font with black font for the chapter contents. The contents pages resemble the chapter contents pages. So maybe it’s just a variation of the same master page? However, the chapter contents pages have a smaller column on the right and left margins of the facing pages, which includes notes and tips.



I get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from Pinterest. I started using Pinterest last semester when I took graphics and multimedia for the web class. I especially like this business card wall hanging. Check it out at

Job 1/Introduction


Hello, I live in Fairbanks and I take film/photo related classes whenever I can. I like video editing and abstract art/photography. I’m taking InDesign to learn new techniques and whatever I can about graphics/layering/images, etc. I would like to make my film/photo projects more unique and interesting.

I use both a PC and a Mac computer and I have a printer/scanner. I recently took Photoshop, Lightroom and Fireworks. So definitely looking forward to learning InDesign and seeing all of your designs.