Job 12 inspiration



Oh Im soooooooooo happy to almost be done graduation is this weekend and I can’t wait to get out on the real world and put the knowledge I have learned to the test!


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I really enjoyed making this brochure. It was so fun making something that could really be used. I enjoyed finding the images and matching the colors of the brochure to them. Paragraph styles helped me emensly! Turning all the bottom pictures upside down so they would allign right was a little tricky but I figured it out eventually.

job 11 discussion



These were fun to play with. It’s interesting all the different effects you can get just by changing the blending mode. Many were the same, but a couple really stood out. I like the difference effect most on these examples.

Job 10 Part 2

It took me a little to actually find tables on this website. I finally found a page with a bunch of tables similar to this. I find them boring and dull. I don’t like the grey background and faint letters. I think they should tint the columns and rows to match the green or yellow color and text already on the page.

*the graph itself won’t load, but the link takes you straight there.