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I like the Wuffo table. I like the use of colors. They help to isolate the information. I like the way the text is formatted at the bottom, and how comparable information is in line with each package deal.

Inspiration 9

Photography is my inspiration, have I said that yet? I may have, after all; photography is my major.

A photographer friend asked me to make her a flyer. While I probably shouldn’t have taken on any extra projects, I thought it would be fun to practice some of the new skills I learned, and I agreed to do it. Here is the flyer;

dionne-ad 1

Please let me know what you think.


inspiration 8

Oh I have been feeling so busy it seems like its hard to be “inspired”. Last weekend I went out of town because it was my dads birthday. Once again I got behind,before I could get caught up. I suppose my inspiration for last week was myself. I am determined to learn as much as I can so that I can seek employment as a graphic designer.

Job 9

job 9-h

Hey class, I am really sorry that my post is late. I have been struggling to keep up with all my assignments and my other life as a mom. Anyway this assignment was fun. It was a little bit difficult to get the hang of, the tools are not as easy to use as they are in illustrator.  I thought a feline body would suit her.

Midterm Final

      Midterm Final:

Jessica Gonzalez-Midterm final

I initially got into this assignment thinking I couldn’t do it.   I actually though, what am I doing this for, its too difficult.
The hardest part was finding where I wanted to place the first three images. After I got over that hard part, I took a break and when I sat back down the idea’s just started spilling out.
I very much I enjoyed this assignment, and I am really happy with the result.

Jessica Gonzalez 30639027- midterm notes

I find that I was wanted to repeat everything I said in the notes to the instructor in this blog so the above link is a PDF with images of what I turned in with my assignment. Below is the same text from it without images.

My cousin Brandee was my inspiration for this assignment. I wanted to use all my own work. So I used some images of my cousins cakes and made a flyer for her business.
I did not sketch out any designs while brainstorming. I began by looking through my collection of images and exporting my favorite cake images to a folder for review.
I was getting off to a rough start because I wanted to include my favorite image of this beautiful 3 tier cake she made, but the colors just did not go well with any of the other images. It too colorful, and a very busy image. It overpowered the other images, so I had to do the hard thing and omit my favorite image.
I created This background when I thought I was going to use the 3 tier cake image, I made this background by blurring the cake image and placing a graphic overlay on.
It got discarded when I omitted the other image.
Then I tried blurring the Dr. Seuss cake for a background, which came out ugly.
I decided to work on the background later.
I found three cake images that include 2 key colors that I chose to work with, red and blue (the Jack Daniels keg cake has a blue tint in the background, it’s very subtle but it’s there.
I started arranging them at their original aspect ratio, which I couldn’t find a good layout, they were taking up too much room so I cropped each image to be different aspect ratio’s. One square, one 5×7 and one 4×6 and I began arranging them on my canvas to see what looked good. I tried a vertical and horizontal canvas. and decided that a horizontal canvas was best because my images are vertical.
Next, I made some text frames and placed the text from my cousins about me page on here website in them too see how they would fit.
I remember in a previous chapter they highlighted key words in the text.
I made the Contact Us really big, because the phone number is very important. That is when I realized I didn’t have much space for a heading, so I thought it would be clever to put the heading around the Dr. Seuss image. I pulled the colors from that image to use and adjusted my font type and size to my liking. The way I choose my font is I highlight my text, and scrolled through the list and watched them change till I saw something I liked.
Things were still looking a little plain at this point so I added a tint to the ‘about text box’ and a border around the main text. I had a blank area that needed to be filled so I used the ellipse tool and came up with the text “Order your delicious design today or learn to make your own”, because I had text box with a blue tint, I made this one a tint of red.
I tried two different ideas,   Adobe Carlson Pro with Small caps.
Then I went with a fancier font: monotype Corsiva.
After I changed this text I decided to tie it in with the highlighted text in my main text box.
I thought   polka dots might make a good background.
They didn’t.
I used the same red font and color for that text, as some key words in my main text.
I added a gradient to my background, with tints of red and blue, I wanted to include her facebook page so I created a textbox under the ellipse. At this point I realized I needed a gradient in some text, so I added a red/blue Gradient to the Contact us.
After I thought I was done, I noticed I had forgotten a required element: The graphic. So, I made a logo, I drew the D with the pin tool in illustrator.
But I didn’t have any room left to place it anywhere.
So I had another Idea I used the D that I drew, and created a fancy repeating background. It says DD(one of them is backwards) I placed it on top of my gradient, with a low opacity, under all the other elements.

here is a better view of my graphic/background
Jessica_ paper



Mid Term Draft

mid term 2
mid term1
I wanted to use some of my own images for this project, so I decided to make an ad for my cousins cake business. I was getting off to a rough start because I wanted to include a picture of my favorite image and the colors just did not go well with the other images. Its also a very busy image, and I found that it over powered the others a well.

Today I came up with something that I like. Here are two drafts. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to put in the blank area yet. And I plan on adding some sort of graphic to the background.

Inspiration 6

My brother is inspirational to me. He has always been extremely smart. He has several hobbies in which he excels and is self taught in everything he does, from Computers to mechanics. I’ve always been envious of his ability to retain so much information. This inspires me to try my best at my favorite hobbies.

job 6

Well this was a difficult assignment for me. I had quite the hard time coming up with a design with so few guidelines.
I used effects on my object and changed the blending mode to multiply which changed the grey in my object to green.