Final Project

J Gonzalez CIOS F233 30639027 final project

Jessica Gonzalez CIOS F233 30639027 final project-2

I created a newsletter for a fictitious store. It was difficult to come up with content and a theme, but I am proud of my overall design and the way the images are place within the text near corresponding headlines. I’m glad that I got to use a lot of elements that I prepared for my midterm assignment but didn’t work out for that design.

inspiration 12

I find this class to be inspirational. I have learned so much and it has really enhanced my skill level and my confidence. I am disappointed that it’s almost over and will be very sad to let it go. The assignments are  challenging, but fun. What I like most about this class is  that we were given a specific assignment each week to turn in that is  not in the book and in turn, we have really ended up with some great portfolio quality work.

job 11 blog discussion

blogAs someone who regularly uses blending modes in photoshop, I really thought this should be easy. But it actually was not as easy as I thought. It turns out  that the first two colors I tried to use didn’t work so well with the blending modes. First I tried magenta, nothing was happening, then I tried yellow, also nothing happened.