Inspiration 8

Life is definitely trying every  thing within  me. At times it is hard to NOT just throw in the towel and GIVE UP.. But this photo I found has sure made me think twice (so to speak). So for this week this photo is my inspiration.


Inspiration 7

My inspiration for the week comes from a good friend. No matter what happens in life to get him down he always manages to PUSH thru it all. He has been at the lowest point possible and never gives up faith. He makes it look so easy.. only wish this was tru.

Blog 2

I decided to use    footprints a book of reflection poems. This book consists of master pages. The   Chapter cover pages are based off  1 Master page and the actual pages containing the poems is on another. The Chapter cover pages consist of 2 text boxes and 2 pictures of various shells.

The top text box :

  • God Is With Us…

The lower text box:

  • “contains a inspirational quote”

This book has been carefully formatted. The pages  are simple and  not over crowded.


Inspiration 6


This amazing picture of a gorgeous Alaska Summer Sunrise is my inspiration for the week.  Our crazy weather variations this last week   make me  question why I stay here, as I am sure others feel the same way. Looking at this picture makes me realize just why I stay. Alaska is  one of the most beautiful places to live. Our summers definitely make up for the  BONE CHILLING  winters.

Inspiration 5

My inspiration comes from a friend of mine. He is raising a 14 year old daughter with absolutely NO help from her mother. As we all know children these days especially teenagers are very easily influenced.   This young lady is a great kid, you could not even tell that she has been thru some of the things she has. she gets good grades, doesn’t run with the wrong crowd, drink, smoke or do drugs. Even thru all this she  has had to go thru with her mother not being around and only having her dad there she is truly amazing.   Her dad is a wonderful dad everything he does is for her. I wish more men in the world would stand up like he has and be what their children really need.

inspiration 4

My inspiration comes from a really good friend that I consider more of a brother. He has had a hard life but no matter what he continues to fight to better himself. he recently went to school to become a tattoo artist and no matter what people said to discourage him he continued to push thru. he is a great artist and does wonderful work. Just recently he started working in his first tattoo parlor in Texas and is already knocking them dead. I hope one day I can look back and say I surpassed all negativity to be who I strive to be.