Deborah’s Flyer

Here is finally my draft! This was a difficult assignment and I had a  hard time  with it.

It started with me not having a clear concept of what I wanted to do. I figured I could do something with dogs because I thought I would probably have enough photos (but I did not). Then the idea of the pawprint with photos underlaid occurred to me and it took me quite a while to get there. There was probably an easier way to do this than mine but I did not know it…  So, finally I had my pawprint but then did not know where to go from here. In the end  I got bits  and pieces together but I am afraid it shows a bit in the final product. I added the  trail with the  little pawprints in the very end to help connect the top and the bottom of the page  but I am not sure it works.  

Another issue I have is with the font of the yellow quote, the regular font looked a bit too skinny, so I colored the outline yellow as well which made the font bold but also kind of fuzzy. Maybe I should try changing this font to one I already use in other parts of the flyer,  also because  four differents fonts on one page  seem to be stretching it as well, no?

I know this is late, but any kind of comments are still appreciated, thank you!


Create your own font – Job 5

Hello all,

I found this free online tool that lets you create your own font by scanning in letters you write on a form that you print off their website. I tried it and it actually works, pretty cool! It made me aware of all the small (and big) irregularities in my handwriting… The space for the letters to be drawn on their form is pretty small though, so I am not sure how a large font would look. Anyway, it was worth the try!

The second website I add here is not all that much fun but I found it pretty informative since I really did not know the difference between all the dashes there are.

Job 03 – Tent card

For the final assignment I used a broader font that does not break up the horizon line as much and shows more of the photo. When I printed the card I noticed that the letters needed a stroke around the edges. I played a bit with different colors and finally went for a moss green with a brown undertone that seemed to pick up the color of the spruce trees in the photo. This was a fun thing to do  and I feel like I only just scratched the surface of all the possibilities!

Photo for Job 3

This is the photo I used for the draft of Job 3. I was also drawn to the idea of using a horizon line to fill the word I chose – AUTUMN – and this picture of a beautifull fall day at the mouth of the Nowitna River in interior Alaska came to mind.


Job 2 – “Outside in the Interior”

I picked “Outside in the Interior’ off my shelf, “An Adventure Guide for Central Alaska’ by Kyle Joly, a book that lists “more than 50 hikes, bikes, skis, strolls, and floats for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.’ The main part of the book is divided into sections for each region within Interior Alaska, and within each region there are short subsections describing each individual hike or float. I found seven master pages:
1. table of contents
2. the first page of each author’s note, acknowledgements and introduction
3. the title page of a new region, and
4. its opposing page, a map of the region
5. the first page of each new hike
6. the first page of each of the three appendices
7. Index
Some of these master pages seem to be based on other master pages or have at least common elements, for example the first page of at least two of the appendices clearly have shared elements with the first page of each new hike. A very easy to spot master page was the title page for each of the six regions covered in the book: there is a green band with a bleed filling the top fifth of the page. Within this band the name of the region is printed in a bold white font. The remainder of the page contains a brief description of the region in a  comparatively narrow text frame, black font on white background. – I found this task more difficult than I anticipated, it is a whole new way of looking at a page and noticing things I would usually overlook!

Deborah’s business card and intro

Deborah's business cardHello everybody
I work as a Natural Resource Planner for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Fairbanks. We produce among other things management plans for National Wildlife Refuges. These plans  tend to be  awfully long and not exactly bedtime reading, so we are trying to create summaries that are concise and visually appealing. I have already worked a bit on such summaries in InDesign but I have noticed  during this first task  that there is yet much to be learned!

Most of my spare time goes to my four-legged best friend, a 10 yr old chocolate labmix named Ronya. Other hobbies include reading and the outdoors but I never seem to be able to do as much of if as I would like. This summer just flew by!

Looking forward to meeting all of you