Aronson – FINAL

CarrieAronson_FINAL CarrieAronson_FINAL2


Here is the front and back of my final project for the class.  I decided to do the brochure and used my jewelry business as the subject.

I’m really proud of the text on a path that I used on the back panel of the brochure (center  of page 1) I thought it complimented the shape of the logo nicely while adding necessary info.

The second page could use some more work, just to make it look a bit more organized. And the photos could also be changed over time, choosing ones that share a common style.  This would make the interior of the brochure a bit more cohesive.

Job 12 – Book Thoughts

This project was difficult. It took me some time, but I managed to pull it together. I had a hard time with the page numbers as well, they were created using two different styles. I just had to apply that style to all of the documents and the problem was solved. One other issue I had was with the alignment of the Chapter titles, despite having all of the formatting for the centering tools selected the titles still appeared to be aligned to the left. I never did figure this one out.

I see this being very useful at work, it’ll make larger projects much easier to assemble. If the opportunity ever arises to collaborate with multiple designers, this would be a great method to pull the project together. It would take some time, but yes I do think I can do this again.

Aronson Job 11


I thought this was kind of fun, it was interesting to see the different combinations the effects create.  It was a bit challenging though too- keeping track of which effects were used where, and selecting the objects correctly.

The first one used a combination of Normal, difference, and difference.

Second one used a combinations of normal, color dodge, and difference.

Third one use a combination of normal, overlay, and difference.

I checked out the other posts, everyone had some great combinations and effects.


Aronson Job 10

CAronson Final_Job10

This took a while, but I think it’ll be easier a second time around.

I referenced this tale-  I liked the way you could see the background picture through the table.  I also thought the table was simple and informative.  After trying these elements on this advertisement, I decided that it was just a bit too busy and opted to put fills behind the text and tables.

The photo it the back was part of the theme not the product that is being advertised, so I decided it would be better if some of it was covered.

Aronson – Final Job 9

CAronson Final_Job9

I wasn’t feeling all that creative with the final version, but I used  Postcard A6 Standard Landscape Single-Sided for the template.  She kindof looks like she is one of those aunts that attacks chubby cheeks!  One that you love, but is a little intimidating at first.

Aronson – Draft Job9


I fell a little behind in the class, but I think I can catch up!

Drawing with the pen and pencil tool was a bit difficult, but I managed to figure it out.  In the end – it was kind of fun.

Aronson Final Poster

MIdTerm POSTER2I’m an artist on the side – creating handcrafted silver jewelry.  I’ve signed up for a few holiday bazaars this year & thought a poster would be a great way to promote what I’ve scheduled.

I took the advice of the comments and made the photo larger, and bottom section smaller.  I placed the logo to the bottom of the page, I left the white around it to help draw the eyes down the page, I also thought the white border at the bottom helps with that as well.

CAronson Draft Job 6

Draft –  Carrie Aronson_Draft Job6             Final –  Carrie Aronson_Final Job6

Final – I changed the border to help draw the eyes down the page, I enlarged the lower text section to add to this as well.  I added in a few more snowflakes so they didn’t seem quite so random and varied the sizes for the effect of depth.  I added the final snowflake in the bottom right corner to help create the illusion of falling snow, since it’s falling off the page. What do you think?

Draft Job 6 – Winter is on my mind… can’t complain about the fall we’ve been having in the interior.  I’d love to get out and do some skiing though!  I feel like the poster looks a little plain, but when I added more I felt it was too busy.  Any ideas out there?

Aronson – Job 3 Image

A photo I took while berry picking about a week ago, right before our first night of snow. I thought it represents Alaska and the season well. Plus, I’m a fan of the photo. Aronson - Job3 Image