Lesson 12

First off, sorry everyone for not submitting my draft on Wednesday.   Had an issue come up and it caused me to be late.   I too enjoyed this assignment and can use it for a work events form I have to create.   HOWEVER, my version of adobe at home only showed a few radial buttons when I went to open in pdf.   Totally bummed!

Here is how it looks as a jpeg.   I created a drop down box under residence description which does not show here.


Final for #11

In spirit of the arctic man weekend I thought I would combine various pictures I have of my family winter outings.   The background is a picture I took of the HooDoo mountains and my son is featured in the center on a trip we did down in Cantwell powder playing.   The green sled is of a graphic he downloaded years ago when he made a “wish list”.

I was kinda getting peeved – the title of my cover would not show the text in yellow.   If I hid the background it would show yellow but as soon as I made the background visible again it would go light blue – Took me damn near an hour to figure out what was going on.   While playing around with the overlay and opacity features – I forgot to return the font back to NORMAL and 100%.


Inspiration 11

Trying to figure out what I want to do, I looked for inspiration on pinit.   Pinned a few but really like this one.   Makes me think of my dad (may he rest in peace) – he loved trains and was into model trains~

Roaring Camp Railroad - Photo Montage - Felton CA - Santa Cruz CA - Caryn Esplin - Redwoods - Steam Engine - Old Train

Job 11 Draft

I too was wondering how to create the star burst and as I posted on a comment – use UAF’s library web page and go to lynda https://www.lynda.com.proxy.library.uaf.edu/sdk/InDesign-tutorials/InDesign-CS6-Essential-Training/96305-2.html

You learn a lot from the videos.   The text book assignments help but they have preformed graphics and I get frustrated wanting to know HOW to make the graphic 🙂

Along with printing – be aware of changes saving to pdf.   My circle on my second image did not show like it did in the ID view.

Williams_ID_11 Draft

Lesson 10 Final

Kinda jet legged.   Was given permission to submit today, however, the few that are posted on the blog kick A$$ compared to mine.   Way to go class mates!



10 Draft

Here is my draft.   Also, with the new link “teach” provided in my last post I like the Wuffo table – the colors are eye catching.   Second best is the Mediatemple – the graphics are catchy.