Job 4 Edits

For this week’s blog post you’ll be looking at an InDesign document (found in Job 4 in Blackboard) that needs to be proofread. The text is actually all ok, so don’t look for typos or grammar mistakes. You’ll be looking at the layout and how the designer put the document together. There are at least 12 errors that need to be addressed before going to print and you’ll need to look the document over and find them!

This is where JING will come in handy. If you already have a screen capture tool that you use to annotate a screenshot then continue to use that tool.

Review the attached document in InDesign. Find the errors that need to be pointed out to the original designer. For your blog comment, please capture three of the errors you found, highlight them in some way and tell what is wrong. if you know how to fix it add your suggestion. If you don’t, that is ok — we’ll some up with a solution as a class.

Please post this as a comment to my this post. You’ll only be able to post one picture at a time so you will have to make multiple comments. (Sorry about how klunky that is, I’m looking for another wordpress plug-in that might work better).

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