Lesson 12

First off, sorry everyone for not submitting my draft on Wednesday.   Had an issue come up and it caused me to be late.   I too enjoyed this assignment and can use it for a work events form I have to create.   HOWEVER, my version of adobe at home only showed a few radial buttons when I went to open in pdf.   Totally bummed!

Here is how it looks as a jpeg.   I created a drop down box under residence description which does not show here.


Student & Employee at UAF. A mom of a family consisting of a cool kid, rock'n dog (soon to be two), and my man of 22 years. I like to do as much outdoor activities as possible and rarely know what is playing in the movie theater. I'm looking forward to learning InD like the back of my hand.
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  1. I had troubles with mine too. Similar issues, some buttons were not working, and some didn’t show at all. seemed to have some glitches. I had to Re do all my buttons, then they worked. I also noticed that somehow I turned my text into a button. Maybe that was the glitch. Anyway, Don’t give up! Your form looks lovely.

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