Final for #11

In spirit of the arctic man weekend I thought I would combine various pictures I have of my family winter outings.   The background is a picture I took of the HooDoo mountains and my son is featured in the center on a trip we did down in Cantwell powder playing.   The green sled is of a graphic he downloaded years ago when he made a “wish list”.

I was kinda getting peeved – the title of my cover would not show the text in yellow.   If I hid the background it would show yellow but as soon as I made the background visible again it would go light blue – Took me damn near an hour to figure out what was going on.   While playing around with the overlay and opacity features – I forgot to return the font back to NORMAL and 100%.


Student & Employee at UAF. A mom of a family consisting of a cool kid, rock'n dog (soon to be two), and my man of 22 years. I like to do as much outdoor activities as possible and rarely know what is playing in the movie theater. I'm looking forward to learning InD like the back of my hand.
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  1. Nice. Looks good.

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