job 11 discussion



These were fun to play with. It’s interesting all the different effects you can get just by changing the blending mode. Many were the same, but a couple really stood out. I like the difference effect most on these examples.

  1. Ok yours looks great. I wasn’t sure what I was doing.. Can you tell me how you got the star object? I cound’t find any other objects.

    1. Thanks!
      So for the star object click the drop down menu of the rectangle tool and click the polygon tool.Once the polygon appears in the tool menu double click on it, and a pop up menu will appear where you can pick how many sides and how much of an inset you would like. Select your dimensions, then click and drag to create your star.

    2. If you haven’t checked out Lynda through the library’s web page you should. May take a little searching for specific things but you are shown videos on how to do things. I too was wondering how to make the star burst and the video showed me how.

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