Inspiration 8

Our whole house, to include the dogs, have been under the weather with one issue or another the past two weeks.   While it was great having my son take care of me for a change, it did make me a little melancholy.   Soon my “baby” will be 21.   Where did the time go?

My inspiration during this time is knowing my son will be a great dad and attentive husband some day.   Here is a picture of my pride and joy with his Grandpa Williams just a couple short years ago at his graduation party.

Moose & GPa Graduation

Student & Employee at UAF. A mom of a family consisting of a cool kid, rock'n dog (soon to be two), and my man of 22 years. I like to do as much outdoor activities as possible and rarely know what is playing in the movie theater. I'm looking forward to learning InD like the back of my hand.
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