MT Final w/comments

Ok here is my final pic.   I didn’t post because there are only slight changes from my last post.   My comments to the teacher were a bit lengthy but it was suggested I post that (I’ll save ’til the end).   I have to say I’m not as good at gradient and color adding like mjlowe is with their shamrock or jsoule is with the background blue for the air flier they created.   Spending time with what is challenging to me – I was able to make my center oval almost see-through and I like how you can see my background some now.   Thanks everyone for your suggestions and comments!


My LOOONNNNG summary below:

I wanted to create a birthday invite I could email out to family and friends.   I initally wanted to insert baby pictures and current pictures of the boys, however, one of them was whinning like a baby about it.   I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say, so surfing the web I went for ideas.   I downloaded several pictures that caught my eye and asked my son to find a picture of his dream truck.

Watching various videos from the library web page ( I came across the section of “hidden easter eggs’ and fell in love with the stroke types of feet, woof, and lights and wanted to incorporate them somehow.

Typing on a path is fun to me and I LOVE assignment three where we add an image to words.   I have work ideas for various events we put on in the library for name plates and the like!

I played around with various fonts.   Worked on kerning.   One issue I was having with kerning – it would lock up going back and forth with the arrow keys.   When it would lock up, I would have to manually click curser with the mouse where I wanted it and then it would work again.

I messed around with background coloring.   Did I want a photo or gradient of a color.   I instantly didn’t like gradient (but than again I’m not very good at it) and looking at my classmate’s blogs, I definitely needed to find a kick ass photo and the one I took was not doing it for me.

Someone posted, well basically, my spirial needed work and when I found the background I loved – it just didn’t flow having it in there.   A. too busy and B not the right style, class, or whatever for the new look.   Plus most everyone knows my home is open to every family member.   I think changing the coloring on my fonts helped with being able to read some phrases better and making just the names and dates white – it helped make the two important items really stand out.

Taking the time to work on the gradient on the sketch was worth it.   (Again for some reason I suck at it), I love how the background picture is seen through the 21 key.

Needing to insert a glyph, I fell in love with the “M’ with the devil tail at the end of it – how fitting.   These boys are good kids (respect their parents, don’t do drugs, and never in trouble with the law), however, they are boys and we all know boys are little devils at times 🙂

I had student at work tell me to increase the training wheel picture because she really couldn’t tell what it was at first, so I did.

I’m having trouble for some reason finding how to change the bleed on my page now that I have printed it out and realize I want the picture to completely cover the page.

I wanted the line “from training wheels..’ to go vertical under the picture of the training wheels but have yet to figure out how.

What I like best about this flier – my son Troy likes it!

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