Midterm Final

      Midterm Final:

Jessica Gonzalez-Midterm final

I initially got into this assignment thinking I couldn’t do it.   I actually though, what am I doing this for, its too difficult.
The hardest part was finding where I wanted to place the first three images. After I got over that hard part, I took a break and when I sat back down the idea’s just started spilling out.
I very much I enjoyed this assignment, and I am really happy with the result.

Jessica Gonzalez 30639027- midterm notes

I find that I was wanted to repeat everything I said in the notes to the instructor in this blog so the above link is a PDF with images of what I turned in with my assignment. Below is the same text from it without images.

My cousin Brandee was my inspiration for this assignment. I wanted to use all my own work. So I used some images of my cousins cakes and made a flyer for her business.
I did not sketch out any designs while brainstorming. I began by looking through my collection of images and exporting my favorite cake images to a folder for review.
I was getting off to a rough start because I wanted to include my favorite image of this beautiful 3 tier cake she made, but the colors just did not go well with any of the other images. It too colorful, and a very busy image. It overpowered the other images, so I had to do the hard thing and omit my favorite image.
I created This background when I thought I was going to use the 3 tier cake image, I made this background by blurring the cake image and placing a graphic overlay on.
It got discarded when I omitted the other image.
Then I tried blurring the Dr. Seuss cake for a background, which came out ugly.
I decided to work on the background later.
I found three cake images that include 2 key colors that I chose to work with, red and blue (the Jack Daniels keg cake has a blue tint in the background, it’s very subtle but it’s there.
I started arranging them at their original aspect ratio, which I couldn’t find a good layout, they were taking up too much room so I cropped each image to be different aspect ratio’s. One square, one 5×7 and one 4×6 and I began arranging them on my canvas to see what looked good. I tried a vertical and horizontal canvas. and decided that a horizontal canvas was best because my images are vertical.
Next, I made some text frames and placed the text from my cousins about me page on here website in them too see how they would fit.
I remember in a previous chapter they highlighted key words in the text.
I made the Contact Us really big, because the phone number is very important. That is when I realized I didn’t have much space for a heading, so I thought it would be clever to put the heading around the Dr. Seuss image. I pulled the colors from that image to use and adjusted my font type and size to my liking. The way I choose my font is I highlight my text, and scrolled through the list and watched them change till I saw something I liked.
Things were still looking a little plain at this point so I added a tint to the ‘about text box’ and a border around the main text. I had a blank area that needed to be filled so I used the ellipse tool and came up with the text “Order your delicious design today or learn to make your own”, because I had text box with a blue tint, I made this one a tint of red.
I tried two different ideas,   Adobe Carlson Pro with Small caps.
Then I went with a fancier font: monotype Corsiva.
After I changed this text I decided to tie it in with the highlighted text in my main text box.
I thought   polka dots might make a good background.
They didn’t.
I used the same red font and color for that text, as some key words in my main text.
I added a gradient to my background, with tints of red and blue, I wanted to include her facebook page so I created a textbox under the ellipse. At this point I realized I needed a gradient in some text, so I added a red/blue Gradient to the Contact us.
After I thought I was done, I noticed I had forgotten a required element: The graphic. So, I made a logo, I drew the D with the pin tool in illustrator.
But I didn’t have any room left to place it anywhere.
So I had another Idea I used the D that I drew, and created a fancy repeating background. It says DD(one of them is backwards) I placed it on top of my gradient, with a low opacity, under all the other elements.

here is a better view of my graphic/background
Jessica_ paper



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