Mid Term Project Final


My idea was a winter get away. So I went with a vacation to somewhere tropical, like an advertisement. I had a lot of ideas about using the fruit as a fill for my text but it just didn’t work. You couldn’t see the writing very well on top of the palm tree so I had to get rid of that idea and just fill my title with color. This worked a lot better. I wanted it to feel inviting and exciting. I loved the postcard idea and think it worked well in the advertisement. I played a lot with different colors. I wanted it to be bright and colorful. I wanted the pictures and words to stand out so I used the beveling and drop shadow to bring them more out of the picture. I wanted to put in beach pictures because that is want you think of when you think of going somewhere tropical. I wanted to use the pineapple but it was too small. My biggest problem was adjusting the size of the pictures without having them get distorted. For my Final I took the comments on the class blog and made my changes. The first was that my writing in the oval was hard to read, and they were correct. So I made it larger and changed the color. They also suggested that I turn the picture of the beach at the top so it matched the one on the bottom. I think this was another great idea. I add some writing on a path because I forgot to in my first draft. I had to play around with making the path correct, this took a few try’s.

Thank you all for your comments they were greatly appreciated.

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