Midterm Draft


I wanted to make a poster for an upcoming event that I am hosting for my young adult group so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  My philosophy in designing things is the old adage “less is more.”  I tried to give all of the information without making the poster too cluttered and I hope that I achieved this.

  1. Good choice for color in your text boxes. Looks like you pulled some greens from the background image. The font fits the theme well. My only suggestions are to improve readability. Maybe you can increase the leading on your main text, or change this font. Also maybe you can put a tint of that olive green color behind the logo “Vectored”.

  2. This is beautiful! The only problem I saw was that the text is a little hard to read. I like the font though its very Irish. Maybe changing it to bold or making it bigger might help?

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