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mid term 2
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I wanted to use some of my own images for this project, so I decided to make an ad for my cousins cake business. I was getting off to a rough start because I wanted to include a picture of my favorite image and the colors just did not go well with the other images. Its also a very busy image, and I found that it over powered the others a well.

Today I came up with something that I like. Here are two drafts. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to put in the blank area yet. And I plan on adding some sort of graphic to the background.

  1. I think that I would leave the background white and just adjust the fonts in the first column to fill the space. I like it and initially got excited about a custom cake maker in town but then I saw that it was out of state. One correction that I would make is at the bottom where it says “Contact US” I would change it to “Contact Us.” The first time I read it I read it as U.S. instead of us, I might just be weird but that is the only thing that caught my eye.

  2. No your not weird, the “US” was a typo.

  3. YUMMY! The cakes looks so good! I like the bottom draft better just because it seems more proportional to me anyway. I do feel like it is missing something though but I cant put my finger on it. Maybe the new background will help.

  4. I too like the bottom draft better, however, I think I would swap the picture of delicious design with the paragraph describing delicious design. I think it will help with the eye flow.

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