Job 7 / Midterm

Ok this is a draft for sure – have ideas just not sure how to implement them just yet.   I need to mess around with background color more but for now left it out.   I downloaded several different pictures to help me with what I wanted to say…had a stork and other pics but my son is a truck guy and until he could drive one could not peel him from his bike.   I learned how to create feet & paws in stroke settings and save them.   Thought I’d use them 🙂   The center picture is a picture I took of our fire ring and I drew the 21 key.   I used flame pics for the birthday wording.   Played around with font styles a lot to have this be eye catching.


Student & Employee at UAF. A mom of a family consisting of a cool kid, rock'n dog (soon to be two), and my man of 22 years. I like to do as much outdoor activities as possible and rarely know what is playing in the movie theater. I'm looking forward to learning InD like the back of my hand.
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  1. Toning down the background would be good, there is a lot of white, but the only thing that I can see to change is the spiral text. The font face is hard to read as it loops, “all”, “ages” & “and” merge together and make a weird word that I did a double take on. That can be fixed with either a new font or kerning. That is the only thing that jumped out at me.

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