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tumblr_mxjw35xR1B1r6ji5co1_500Today I have another photograph but this time I am not inspired by the subject matter but rather by the way the shot is taken.   The perspective that is seen especially in the benches followed by the lights on the trees that run along the sides of the street gave me some ideas on how I could use some perspective on one of my websites.   The perspective in the picture invites people to want to move beyond the bench and see what is down the road.   I am thinking that I could use the idea of perspective to invite visitors to a website to delve further into the site.   Also I love the sepia color scheme, it gives me notions of old world and the electric lights show me the new world so the entire image is like old world clashes with new.   Would this mean that the snow is implying that the clash brings about cold and death or purity and newness?

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  1. Good example of the rule of thirds

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