Participation 1

I just realized I forgot my blog post with assignment one! So here it goes…

My name is Candice Anderson. I live in North Pole, Alaska. I’m 19 and my birthdays coming up in May. I graduated from high school in June of 2012. I’m currently unemployed and living with my parents but since I’m only 19 I figure I have a few years to figure things out still. (; I’m interested in interior design, books, fashion, and anything vintage. I’m a sophomore in college but this is my first online class. My major is Applied Business and my concentration is Marketing, which is where this class comes in! I think that the skills I’m learning in InDesign are really important in marketing. From Business Cards to Banners, I think I’ll use this program a lot (once I figure it out).

Sorry about the late posts, everyone! It took my book a while to get here so I’m still trying to get caught up! (:


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