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tumblr_n10tm9wSi11qcl3afo1_500This week’s inspiration comes in the form of an image.   Seen here are two hands in a prayer pose.   While many would see the prayer pose and think, oh look there at the old person praying, that is cool, I see something else.   I see the hands, old and torn.   Those hands have seen many days, been banged up toiling away at work, wiped away a few tears, protected a child or two from harm, been wrung in times of stress and hardship.   Those hands tell a story that only those hands can tell.   No other person on earth will ever have the same experiences as you.   While we may all start out life with the same stuff, it is the experiences, or the things that we do that tell the story of our lives.   And at the end of it what will your hands tell about you.

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  1. I love hands. My final project for my photography class was photos of various hands at work – mechanic, hairstylist, vet, doc, and hands signing the word WORK.

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