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For this week’s blog post you’ll be looking at an InDesign document (found in Job 4 in Blackboard) that needs to be proofread. The text is actually all ok, so don’t look for typos or grammar mistakes. You’ll be looking at the layout and how the designer put the document together. There are at least 12 errors that need to be addressed before going to print and you’ll need to look the document over and find them!

This is where JING will come in handy. If you already have a screen capture tool that you use to annotate a screenshot then continue to use that tool.

Review the attached document in InDesign. Find the errors that need to be pointed out to the original designer. For your blog comment, please capture three of the errors you found, highlight them in some way and tell what is wrong. if you know how to fix it add your suggestion. If you don’t, that is ok — we’ll some up with a solution as a class.

Please post this as a  comment  to my this post. You’ll only be able to post one picture at a time so you will have to make multiple comments. (Sorry about how klunky that is, I’m looking for another wordpress plug-in that might work better).

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  1. The square needs to be aligned with the others.

    1. yep, good catch!

  2. All the subhead font sizes should be the same.

    1. correct – anyone know a good way to guarantee that your subheads always look the same?

      1. Use Paragraph Styles

      2. Yes! Using paragraph styles will ensure paragraphs look the same.

  3. All the subheads should be centered.

  4. Headline not centered, square blocks all not aligned, text columns are not centered properly, height/length of columns are not even, one of the centered subhead is not centered. That’s about all I see.

    1. Any one have any thoughts on why the headline isn’t centered?

  5. Some of my arrows cut off on first pic – retrying a cropped version.

    1. oh well so did this one :/

  6. Well I tried to put all of my markups in one document. I hope you can see them ok.
    Here is a summary:
    1. The headline is not centered (the space bar key was press twice before the headline text).
    2. Boxed are not properly aligned with each other.
    3. The lines above the boxes are not aligned with the boxes or the text.
    a. They are also unequal lengths. This would be OK, however on the left the black end extends past the grey, and on the right, they are lined with each other. The ends need to mirror each other.
    4. The text boxes are not correctly fitted in the guides.
    5. The left and right text boxes need to be equal in height and width.
    6. The text in the document needs to be formatted with “Justify all lines of text”.
    7. One of the Subheads was not centered.
    8. Th font size of the Subheads are not consistent One is 16pt font and the others are 14pt.

    1. Nice catch on the line length!

  7. Green arrows- Subheads are different sizes.
    Red arrow- Subhead isnt centered.
    Purple arrow- The text isnt aligned right with the left side text.
    Yellow arrow- The text box isnt aligned in the box.
    Lighter blue arrow- Headline isnt centered.
    Dark blue arrow- The boxes arent lined up.
    The alignment of the text in the boxes isnt centered.

  8. So I found quite a few errors all detailed in the image. The biggest mistake is the columns are just free floating. They were not anchored to the guides so their alignments and sizes are completely different from each other. Beyond that, some of the text is justified but not all of it, the subheadings need paragraph styles applied to them and the header needs some alignment issues fixed.

    1. Anyone have thoughts as to why some of the text isn’t justified?

  9. The three things I first noticed that needed to be fixed on this were that I thought the title should be centered, the “centered subheads” should all be the same size and should all be centered, and that the two text boxes should be the same size and lined up correctly on the page.

  10. Thanks for information!

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