Master Pages

Page from Relevant Magazine July/August 2012So I looked through the July/August 2012 edition of one of my most read magazines, Relevant.   In it I found on 12 different pages the same scheme of three columns of text and a picture in the top left corner.   The only part of this scheme that changed apart from the information is that the publisher changed the color of the colored text based on the section the article was in.   Another way they made minor changes is that if the picture was smaller then the middle column would go to the top of the page instead of starting under the picture.   Other than those two things the scheme remained identical on all 12 pages.

I looked in another edition of the magazine and found the same scheme on 8 pages.   The scheme seems to be used on every month pieces like upcoming movies, current events, etc while the rest of the magazine, which contains full blown articles have unique styling.

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