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Well I glanced at three things.   The Sun Star newspaper, a small 50 page book one of our professors published, and an international journal we receive.   The book “On Dangerous Ice” I’d have to say no to using any master pages.   Mostly pictures/maps with captions with no sense of uniformity.   The Sun Star is like most newspapers.   I’d say the heading graphics are the same and column widths with the only variation being if a picture is added or a new subject title.   Lastly is the IMCoS (International Map Collector’s Society) Journal.   I’d say this has three master pages (MP).   MP1 for the table of content page.   MP2 for the next two pages which has a colored column on the far left of the page with list of officers and on the right a letter from the chairman on one page and in the same sections on the second page of MP a letter from editor and in colored column subscription info.   MP 3 is for everything afterwards that have subject headers at the top of each page starting a new subject, same number of columns on every page using them, and font alignment.   All three MP have a line across the bottom to separate reading material from page number and the web link on every odd numbered page.   At the top of all pages not having a subject title, they have a header.   On the even pages it says IMCoS Journal WINTER 2013 and edition number and on the odd IMCoS and the story subject name.

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