Inspiration week 1

Ok So I already wrote about this, but I’m sure you didn’t see it because I turned around and deleted it. The problem is, I’m not a designer (yet). And I didn’t know if my inspiration applied, but after all inspiration can come from anywhere.

I wrote about Suzi blu, she is a mixed media artist that I adore. I began watching her around 4 years ago or so. Maybe longer. She was a starving artist who gained popularity buy recording herself while she created her art. She is a strange woman,   she lives and breathes her art. She will literally starve to create her art. I remember one video, she was eating from a jar of peanut butter while doing her art, because that was all she had to eat.

Art and ghost is another artist that I love. She inspired me to take my knowledge of Photoshop to higher levels. I first saw her art in a magazine at Joann fabrics. I really wanted to learn to create digital painting like hers. I never   did learn, but I did learn a lot about editing images for photography.


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