Inspiration wk 1 – cameras

I’m by no means a professional photographer but I love to take my camera where ever we go.   I do a lot of trekking in the great outdoors and I like to try and capture what mother nature shares with me every visit.   When I have free time (haha), I thumb through my Digital PhotoPro magazine.   Yes a paper product.   I signed up for scoop-it today and came across this post.   I have a DSL Nikon Rebel XTi and drool thinking about upgrading to something newer but Mrs Clause has yet to justify why.

I would love a lighter camera!   This post compares the two newer cameras – I will always be a Nikon girl at heart (mainly because its what I started out on in film days and I already have several different Nikon lenses).

Here is a picture I took when playing w/my exposure and did a little adjustment of curves and balance in photoshop.

BonFire Silhouette
BonFire Silhouette

Student & Employee at UAF. A mom of a family consisting of a cool kid, rock'n dog (soon to be two), and my man of 22 years. I like to do as much outdoor activities as possible and rarely know what is playing in the movie theater. I'm looking forward to learning InD like the back of my hand.
  1. Nice! Maybe Alaska needs its own version of Burning Man, but calling it Burning Moose!

  2. That is a nice shot, I would say that instead of getting a new camera, upgrade the one you have. Some of the greatest photographers that I have the privilege to know do have new cameras for their professional work but they still love to use their older cameras for artistic work because they know them backwards, forwards, and upside down.

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